Saturday, January 27, 2007


Kyle McAlarney is coming back to Notre Dame in the Summer (text).

Good for him, although this isn't really a surprise. He's still pretty bitter, but does plan to turn this into a positive situation by improving his game. He will take six credit hours at a college near home this spring and should return on track to graduate.

It is nice to hear him want to make things right with the team and Coach Brey. I'm sure he will be a great addition next season, but I certainly hope that Tory Jackson makes a strong run for starting PG with his play this year.


Anonymous said...

In the past, Brey has been known to continue to play favorites and focus the team's offense through those favorites despite the negative effect on winning (Torin Francis, Chris Thomas, even Dennis Latimore for half a season, etc.). As a result, quality players remain on the bench far too long in their careers (Chris Quinn, Russell Carter). I hope Brey's understandable loyalty to McAlarney doesn't turn into blind loyalty with the likes of Tyrone Nash/Ty Profit coming in next year. Althouth Nash is listed as a power forward, supposedly he plays a terrific point guard. And height on the perimeter is something we haven't had in quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

yeah...except that Brey lets all of his big man take deep shots on the perimeter, i.e Cornette, Zeller, Murphy, Francis (j/k).
I'm glad he is coming back, and that he knows that he is going to have to be much improved to make sure he comes and takes his starting job back.

BlackandGreen said...

With the deep bench this year, I think Brey is showing an ability to let other guys take control. Just look at home Carter was benched at the end today. If other players will step up, Coach Brey is starting to be more willing to let them have a chance over underperforming known quantities.