Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Walker to the NFL?

With no game until Sunday, I had to comment on the latest Notre Dame football rumor. Junior tailback Darius Walker is reportedly headed to the NFL draft this year.

I hate to hear that, but it is understandable. Walker is solid, but not great college back. Next season, the offense will rely more on running. Travis Thomas figures to return to running back, along with rising sophomores Jame Aldridge and Munir Prince as well as recruit Armando Allen taking away carries. Darius is just not the most talented option and should take advantage of a good year to make some money.

I have only met a few current ND football players, but Darius stands above them all. Most were cordial enough, a credit to Our Lady's University. Walker, however, is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am sure that he is bombarded by strangers constantly, but he has no problem having a conversation with anyone at any time. Go luck to a true domer and a young man with pure class.

Quick BE Hoops rundown:
Marquette @ Connecticut
Louisville @ South Florida
Pittsburgh @ DePaul
Syracuse @ Rutgers

Have a good one.

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