Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fiesta Bowl Upset

I'll admit it. I gave Boise St. up for dead after Jared Z's pick-six seemed to blow the biggest game in school history. I missed all the trick plays and the unbelievable decision to go for two which gave the Broncos a 43-42 win. Congratulations to Boise St. for a great victory. Instead of the tremendous upset everyone thinks this is, I would argue that college football has finally found a little parity.

The knock against this team is that they didn't beat anyone. Had they scheduled a couple of solid major conference teams, they could still be 12-0 and arguing for a piece of the National Championship puzzle. Realize that Oklahoma is a team that could very well have been playing in Florida's place next week barring officiating follies against Oregon earlier this year.

Congratulations to Boise St. for a terrific season and a great game. The heart and passion exhibited last night by the Broncos are two of the most important reasons why the game is played.

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