Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shark Chooses Baseball

So Jeff Samardzija is now a full-time baseball player. Good for him. For as much attention another Bo Jackson would get and the publicity he would receive right away in the NFL, it is nice to see that Shark chose the sport he loves more. Of course, I'm sure he took into account the guaranteed contracts offered by baseball and this recent report about the severity of brain damage in football and its effect on real life. Also nice to note that his no trade clause will keep him in Chicago for a while. Go Cubs!

On the plate today, UCLA/Arizona at 4. Oklahoma St. vs. Texas A&M at 8 tonight. Big east game of the day is Villanova at home (Wachovia Center, not the smaller Pavillion we played in) vs. Texas at 1:30 on CBS. Hopefully, 'Nova can pull out a big win there and make our loss to them sting a little less.

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Mike Shannon said...

The Nova win over Texas was truly impressive.