Friday, January 19, 2007

Update on K-Mac

I realize that the word on Kyle's pretrial diversion came out a couple days ago, but I felt it necessary to lump all the recent events into one pile.

First, on Wednesday, McAlarney entered into a pretrial diversion program. Basically, if he goes to drug treatment and passes tests for a year, the charges are dropped. Of course, this has very little to do with his suspension from the team.

I believe that K-Mac met with ResLife yesterday. The original meeting is just a meet and greet, to allow Kyle to plead his case/accept responsibility/etc. About a week from now, the official suspension will be handed down. Based on similar cases with other students, the University has typically removed the student from school with the possibility of reinstatement the next semester. As long as he does not fight this case, K-Mac should be in an Irish uniform next season. What the pritrial diversion does do, however, is ensure that ND does not lose him for any amount of prison time (also possibility of removal from school for a conviction/up to one year sentence).

No real winners in this case, but hopefully the young man can start back on track next year.

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