Sunday, August 31, 2008

Extra News

A few things that got lost in the shuffle this week...

Ty Proffitt has decided to transfer. No huge surprise there. Proffitt joined the team as a two-star point guard recruit and had little hope of moving up in the rotation over the next couple years.

Also, College Gameday will be on campus for the Connecticut game on January 24th. Big news for the Irish and should be a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Irish Trip Coming to a Close

Kyle McAlarney has been blogging about Notre Dame's trip to Ireland. The team gets back Monday.

A few notes from yesterday's blog... Kyle scored 32 on ten three pointers against Poland. Very impressive to see him knocking down shots with ease in the offseason, particularly in transition and off the dribble. As he said, "This wasn't similar at all to the Syracuse game. That day, I did it against the 2-3 zone." Certainly the ability to create good looks is a must-have for a wannabe-NBA player.

Good information in there about the team's defensive mentality. The lineup Friday could continue into the regular season with Kyle and Tory in the backcourt playing with Harangody, Ayers, and Zeller.

On a personal level, Kyle writes about his Army buddy and finishes every post "Love you, Mom." Classy stuff, that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Irish in Ireland

The season is finally here (almost). The men's basketball team has landed on the Emerald Isle for a series of preseason games. Should be fun to follow, though the outcomes are not terribly important.

I will keep tabs on the trip and post from time to time. In between, check out Kyle McAlarney's daily diary in the South Bend Tribune.