Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mixed Feelings

I don't want to talk much about the Sugar Bowl, so I won't. It's terrible to send a special senior class off like that. I wish it could have gone better, but LSU is a great team. Thus begins a new era of Notre Dame football.

Before the game, I followed basketball action back in South Bend on the cell phone. It's funny how tense a twenty point game feels when you have to rely on a mobile device for information.

Early feel, great win. I was nervous about the Big East opener with a new point guard against a veteran coach. Thankfully, there was nothing to worry. ND dominated the first twenty minutes and cruised to a 16-point win.

Playing all but five minutes, Tory Jackson was impressive. The freshman scored fourteen, a surprising show of shooting ability, and grbabbed five rebounds. He tallied four assists and four turnovers, but did not hamper the offense. Like for doctors, the golden rule for emergency starters is "first, do no harm." The offense was able to run effectively once again without one of its main components.

Carter had another solid game. 19 points, three rebounds. 7 of 14 shooting. He played 38 minutes, too many for comfort, but gives the team a good game every night. If a couple other guys can step up and provide a spark to give Carter a few more minutes off a night, I would feel a lot better about Russell's effectiveness over the course of the year.

Ugh, Colin. Why are you such a streaky shooter? Falls was 3-12, 1 of 8 from deep. He scored 7 and had a good night off the ball (5 assists, 4 rebounds) but needs to be a consistent threat to earn 37 minutes a night.

Rub Kurz had a bad shooting night, but nearly earned another double-double. His nine boards helped the Irish gain a 33-28 advantage in that category and his three blocked shots were all ND achieved in the game.

Why is Luke Zeller still starting? He had a solid game, 3-5 shooting for seven points with four rebounds. Unfortunately, with Harangody playing well each night, Zeller is only given 15 minutes a game. Let Bamm-Bamm start the game and Zeller will be just as successful off the bench.

Speaking of Harangody, Luke scored 15 and grabbed 6 rebounds. He only played 21 minutes, but provided a needed spark when introduced into the lineup.

Rounding out the lineup, Hillesland was solid in nine floor minutes. Peoples grabbed a steal in mop-up time, and also avoided turning the ball over. Ayers grabbed a foul and a turnover in an uninspiring time off the bench.

Can't wait to see the team play again on Saturday. Real gut-check time on the raod against Georgetown.

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