Monday, January 22, 2007

A Little Something to Mull Over

With the McAlarney decision expected out this week, precedent points to a semester suspension. Assuming Kyle's return in the fall, Notre Dame should have three sure-fire starters: K-Mac, Kurz, and Harangody. After that, the picture gets a bit fuzzier. I am sure Mike Brey will like to give Tory Jackson a shot at a starting position, probably the shooting guard. With those four set, the question becomes who will play small forward. Ryan Ayers hasn't proven anything in limited playing time and Brey seems to be hesitant to give him more opportunities. Zach Hillesland, the best overall choice, lacks the deep threat to make up for Jackson's lack of range. If K-Mac and Tory are lined up in the backcourt, your starting 3 for the '07/'08 season will be... Luke Zeller.

Zeller's game is tuned to the wing and he will present a tough matchup for opponents outside. His ability to shoot the 3 will stretch the defense and we will not have to worry about playing inside more than the handful of minutes when both Kurz and Bamm-Bamm ride the pine. LZ has received lots of criticism from this end, but I strongly feel that his game will improve with less inside responisbility.

Of course, a prediction this early for the starting lineup next year is as reliable as predicting the next president. Just... think about it.

Big game tomorrow for the Irish to get a solid conference road win. Let's continue a little momentum before the Saturday rematch with 'Nova.


TooEasy said...

I personally witnessed KMac moving out of O'Neill today so that confirms he's gone for the season. Bill Kirk is an asshole. The University penalty for DUI is to be put on official probation and not being allowed to participate in activities. The penalty for a half smoked blunt that no one took ownership of that was found in your car....suspension for a semester and having to apply for reinstatement. BS I say.

BlackandGreen said...

There you have it. We could argue about the proportionality of punishments forever, but this is just how the University deals with these problems.

Notre Dame is different, for better and for worse. Sean Williams got a nine-game suspension for the same offense at BC. Many public universities would let drug use go unpunished. Every time the University gets bashed for "not standing up to their supposed ethics" I wonder where the naysayers are at times like this.

Anonymous said...

i'm a fieldhouse refugee. like what i'm reading so far. keep up the good work.

donald said...

Yup, looks like KMac has been expelled...

Our own Coach O has a post about the decision:

Nice job with the blog. We'll add a link to you guys (replacing the Fieldhouse) for ND hoops. Check us out sometime.

-Donald from

BlackandGreen said...

Thanks to both of you. Good work at Big East Hoops.

One thing to keep in mind: his dismissal from the University for the semester does not mean that McAlarney will not play in an Irish uniform ever again. There are very good odds that he will return next year and be fully reinstated.