Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Visit New Orleans

Spending time in New Orleans for the past 48 hours, I have fallen in love with the city. Its truly unique culture, a Creole blend of the European, Carribean, and African, makes this town special. Everyone I have met the last two days is gracious, to a soul. How many times have I heard "Thank y'all so much for coming"?

New Orleans is still a city needing to be healed. In the Lower 9th and many other neighborhoods, destroyed homes lie dormant. You've seen the pictures all over television, but to see the actual homes is heartbreaking. Half of the houses still have markings from rescue workers in the days following the disaster.

Most of all, New Orleans needs you and me. Tourism is the biggest industry in the city and has been severly hurt since Katrina. Money from tourists keep New Orleans alive. By spending your next vacation in the French Quarter, you provide a valuable boost to shopowners, bus drivers, and musicians. The food is great, the music is original, and the entire experience is powerful. Next time you book a trip, make it to southern Louisiana. You'll be glad you came.

Tomorrow's the big day in South Bend and the Superdome. Good luck to both the teams. Here's to two victories.

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