Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tempo-Free Stats

First of all, one final note about last night. Villanova needed the win a lot more than we did and played like a desperate team. Of course, it is good to not have to win every game down the stretch, but hopefully the Irish will play with a little more inspiration as the year goes on.

For any of you hoops stat junkies out there, check this site out. While the idea isn't wholly new, indeed the post is over a year old, it is nice to see a different approach to basketball statistics apart from the norm (FG%, Assists/Turnovers, PPG, etc.). For anyone who has read the book Moneyball, this site seems to offer the same approach to college hoops. I'll look into that a bit more in depth over the weekend and try to add a little more objective analysis in future posts.

To the games. No ranked opponents or Big East teams squaring off tonight, with Georgetown-Seton Hall paired for tomorrow. That's all for the Thursday edition. Have a good one.

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