Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dick Vitale's Attention Span

Finally back to the reason this site is around: college basketball. Now, I'm a pretty big fan of Dick Vitale. Passion is what sets college sports apart from the pros and passionate is a great word to describe Dickie V. The Card Chronicle, a voter in the Big East Bloggers Poll, compiled a list of 156 random things Vitale spoke about at the Louisville/UCONN game. The result is either maddening or hilarious depending on your view of the man (I personally find it funny).

To the games. While we were discussing K-Mac's extended vacation, Sotuh Florida made a strong statment of "we're not worst", beating Rutgers by 22. Marquette handled Seton Hall by nearly the exact same score as Notre Dame (89-76 compared to 88-76 against the Irish). Our February 24 matchup at the Joyce Center should be a good one.

No more Big East games until Saturday. Clemson and Duke match up tonight, however. The Tigers have collapsed against good competition after starting the year 17-0. Have a good one.


Bryan said...

hate to say it, but Saturday vs Nova is almost a must win at this point. Those MD & AL wins are diminishing in value with each passing week & the Irish NEED to be 10-6 to even think about the tourney.

Recent History show that the committee will NOT take ND as a bubble team with a 9-7 Big east record. And this team right now has little chance of winning a road game with a freshman PG the rest of the way. So Nova at home is a good quality win to but in the bank, plus is makes 10-6 stll atendable...

And YES, if this team finishes 8-8, I'm still blaming Brey. The last 9 seconds on the SJU game renewed my 'no faith in winning a close game' fears.

BlackandGreen said...

Unfortunately, I think you're right. One big reason we must win the game is just to get back on the right path.

I think we're still in at 9-7, because the resume is better than it has been in recent years (although Maryland and 'Bama are getting more and more unimpressive). Still, the schedule presents a very good opportunity to go 10-6 or better and some fault certainly will fall upon Brey if we cannot get it dome.