Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bamm-Bamm Gets Another Award


For the third time this season, Luke Harangody received Rookie of the Week honors for the Big East. It is great to see the young man get so much publicity for the fine year he is having.

Wow, tomorrow's another game. At Villanova, second pure away contest all year. If the Irish can pull out a convicing W, there is no reason why the next three should not also fall into place. After Wednesday, there is South Florida and 'Nova again at home with St. John's in between. Sure would be nice to roll into Syracuse with a 7-1 conference (19-1 overall) record.

EDIT (6:30 PM): Digger Phelps just gave Zach Hillesland a little love, listing him as the most underrated player in the country. "He's the best 6th man in the Big East, maybe the whole country." Sure, a compliment from Digger Phelps is kind of like Lou Holtz talking about the football team, but it's nice to see the Irish get a little national airtime.


TB said...

not sure Digger made the right call there......Ronald Ramon is coming off the bench for the Panthers this season -- and he's hitting 3s at a 44% clip.

BlackandGreen said...

Before Sunday, Hillesland was probably not even the best on Notre Dame. Luke Harangody's been more of a force off the bench.

Hillesland did get close to a triple double against Seton Hall, though...

BlackandGreen said...

Ramone dropped 17 off the pine tonight, adding a bit of fuel to the fire. Aaron Gray also shined, grabbing 19 rebounds.

It's also time to admit that UCONN is very young and this year is not as good as everyone thought at the beginning, including yours truly.