Sunday, March 29, 2009


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Go Irish, beat Lions.


OC Domer said...

The NBA & NCAA need to move toward the MLB model. Coming out of high school a kid can choose to either (1) go to college, or (2) go pro. If he goes pro he can choose D-league, Europe, whatever. But if he signs a letter of intent to go to college, he is undraftable by any NBA team for three years.

This "one and done" crap is total B.S. It corrupts the college game and makes a mockery of the term "scholarship" and the concept of the "student athlete."

College isn't for everyone, and kids shouldn't be "forced" to go just because there are no other options. So-called "universities" shouldn't prostitute themselves for a few basketball victories.

I think the baseball model has worked very well, and great players come out of each system (the farm system and the college programs).

BlackandGreen said...

I agree. Another option that makes sense is the committee idea to pick the players who are good enough out of high school to play in the NBA. The others have to wait three years (though not necessarily go to college) before playing in the Association.

Let the cream of the crop with no desire to experience college go straight into the workforce. The rest should be expected to keep their grades up and be good enough students for three years (just like football and baseball). It will help the student-athletes and the sport overall.