Monday, March 23, 2009

NIT Action

Creighton has sold out tonight's contest with Kentucky (17,500+). That should be a good one with the winner taking on ND on Wednesday. Doug Gottlieb called the matchup between St. Mary's and Davidson "better than any of the first weekend NCAA games." Not true, but should be pretty good nonetheless. The NCAA Tournament made Stephen Curry a household name (instead of, say, just another Keydren Clark). Mills was great against Washington State but we'll see if he can repeat the magic with his second good game since returning from injury (Eastern Washington does not count).

EDIT: Poor Creighton just couldn't finish the job. We play Kentucky tomorrow.

I'd rather just watch Stephen Curry and Paddy Mills play one-on-one. Outdoors, ones and twos, chain baskets. Pretending to play a team game is just silly. I'm sure Bob McKillop is a smart guy. He wouldn't let Curry jack 25 footers and turn the ball over half a dozen times if the rest of his squad was any good. The other eight players are fluctuating from serviceable to clearly intimidated by the surrounding star power. Hubert Davis, I get that both of these guys are fantastic college players (they really are fun to watch), but I don't buy either one's stock on the next level. Having each take twice as many shots as the next guy on their respective teams just makes me more sure that neither school deserved to make the Tournament.


MJenks said...

You know, as much as I hate to, I have to side with Gottlieb on this one. This is the first time since 1987 when I didn't watch a single first round game.

Anonymous said...

you missed out then, there were alot of great games and great finishes.

Anonymous said...

The first round Siena finish alone was worth it... very exciting game.