Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today's Games

Syracus continues their improbable stretch of great play in the BET and made the finals with an overtime win over West Virginia. They play Louisville tonight. The Cards have a shot at a 1 seed with a win.

Memphis used some great D to win the C-USA tourney 64-39. LSU is out of the SEC Tournament. Good game between Florida State and UNC right now.


Anonymous said...

Is this game not the same as the Nova semi-final? Louisville turns 10 point deficets into 15 point leads in 5 minutes. Their defense is amazing.

This is why Notre Dame will never be good unless they improve their defense. Louisville scores with their defense, we just hope they miss and then hope we get the rebound.

BlackandGreen said...

Louisville is the anti-ND. Great defense, below average offense in the halfcourt. The difference is that great full-court offense turns into transition buckets. Our offense merely makes us too tired to play any D.

They won the Big East, we're going to the NIT. Who's the fool?