Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cincinnati is Dead

After losing to an 0-18 DePaul team that wouldn't (and shouldn't) have even made the BET last year, the Bearcats are headed to the NIT. It's up to Providence and ND now to give the Big East a shot at an eighth bid.

EDIT: Georgetown's done too. Nice to see St. John's get a win and it would be good for the Red Storm to go on a little run. At least we can say that the Hoyas' season was ruined by Norm Roberts' team even more than our season has been.

Thabeet and Blair split Big East Player of the Year honors. Monroe is the Big East Rookie of the Year. Villanova's Jay Wright is the best coach.


BlackandGreen said...

This really hurts Providence as well. They needed to beat Cincinnati to have a good shot at an at-large. Now the Friars have to beat Louisville.

The Big East could very well be a seven bid league unless the Irish or Georgetown make some kind of miracle run.

Anonymous said...

How can i watch the Irish game tonight if I don't live locally?

BlackandGreen said...


Not the best quality, but it's free.

NDIrish11 said...
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Anonymous said...

Let's put Cincinnati in perspective: this is a program that brought Bob Huggins back to be honored.


They, like Georgetown, cannot be beaten badly enough or often enough. Good riddance to both.

Craig said...

Apparently, a bunch of people voting on the BE POY don't actually pay attention to how the players perform in games. There's no other explanation for Thabeet being anywhere near a POY.

BlackandGreen said...

Thank you ESPN hype machine for my shiny new trophy.

Hasheem Thabeet