Sunday, March 15, 2009

NIT Selection Show

It's UAB at home on St. Patrick's Day. 9 PM, ESPN2.

EDIT: Tough, tough draw. The other two 7 seeds released so far were St. Mary's (61st) and Duqesne (87th). UAB is ranked 42nd by Ken Pomeroy. If we can make it past the first round, we play New Mexico (38th) or Nebraska (73rd). Top seed in the bracket is Creighton (67th).

Oh, well. We're in the NIT, so we might as well win it. Go Irish, beat Blazers.


Anonymous said...

is the game at the joyce center?

BlackandGreen said...

That is correct.

Anonymous said...

think we'll be able to get 2000+ fans to come?

Anonymous said...

i dont know what kind of shape the building is in, but any chance they hold the game in the stepan center? i remember a few years back when georgetown played an NIT game at an on campus facility as opposed to the verizon center. if you are only going to get 2000 fans, why not cram them in to a smaller building. its better than seeing 8000 empty seats on tv