Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Providence Scapes By

You hear people talk about Notre Dame having a high "Basketball IQ" sometimes. It's kind of a weird term. What really is a high "Basketball IQ?" Don't ask DePaul, the idiotic shot selection and decision making by the boys in blue really killed a good chance to knock off Providence today. Three pointers that barely graze the rim on a two-on-one? Allowing a 15-1 run in five minutes highlighted by giving up two turnovers and three offensive rebounds? Just fire Jerry Wainwright already.

EDIT: I didn't realize that the injured ref in the St. John's game yesterday was Mike Kitts. Kitts, my most respected referee since the home Louisville game, was unconscious briefly and suffered a chipped tooth and some facial bruising. However, he should be back on the court tomorrow. Nice to see some toughness from the wily twelve year vet. Go get 'em, Mike!

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BlackandGreen said...

Jean Lenti Ponsetto thinks 1-19 is "headed in the right direction." Give me a break.

Jerry Wainwright's only Big East win this year was virtue of some great substitution techniques: leave the starters in for all 20 minutes of the second half. That's not not coaching, that's taking a nap on the bench.