Saturday, March 07, 2009

Assuming Louisville Wins Tonight

I'll edit this after the game. If the game ended right now:
  1. Louisville
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Connecticut
  4. Villanova
  5. Marquette
  6. Syracuse
  7. West Virginia
  8. Providence
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Notre Dame
  11. Seton Hall
  12. Georgetown
  13. St. John's
  14. South Florida
  15. Rutgers
  16. DePaul
Irish Big East Schedule:

First Round- Rutgers
Second Round- West Virginia
Quarterfinals- Pittsburgh

First two rounds are already locked in. West Virginia beating Louisville tonight would put the Cards in the two slot and make them our potential quarterfinal opponent.


Anonymous said...

very,very,very interesting point to consider when looking at the BE bracket.

First off, ND needed WV to win, b/c it likely would have meant Lousivlle as a quarters opponent which is much more formidble then Pitt who in fact owns the BE toruney for the last decade.

But the thyng to look for is this. Cincy's probablly out of the running for a bid, but they draw Providence in the 2nd rd. If they beat the Friars, the friars fall to 18-13, with an overall 10-9 record in the Big East.

IF ND wins the game agiasnt Rutgers, and takes down WVU they will be 19-13 with a 10-10 record overall in the BE, with a head to head win over Providence. Given ND's big nonconference win of Texas , and the better overall record n head to had win over Prov, are they now the frontrunner to be the 8th team?

Likely a win over Pitt, makes it a lock in my book, but if they play them tight will that be enough?

Just a thought, I mean if it pplays out that way even with a loss to pitt 19-14 isnt awful. Althought as it turns out. The 7 game losi ng streak was noit wat killed this team. It was 2 games- ST JOHNS AND OHIO STATE. NEEDED THOSE 2. WOULD BE 21-12 given the sitatuion I layed out, that would in my eyes put them in no question.

SHAME tj didnt kno what color jerseys the irish were wearing for most of their games.

Anonymous said...

Things sure broke right for Georgetown. First St John's, then Marquette without James, then Villanova. Watch for a Hoya run, and the talking heads will go crazy. ND has a much tougher schedule.

BlackandGreen said...

West Virgnia's going to be tough enough, it's hard to even look down the road the Pitt right now.

Regardless of who wins the Cincy/Providence game, the Irish would need to play significantly better against Pitt than the Friars or Bearcats do against Louisville to clinch an eighth Big East seed. We lost to Cincy and Providence finished two games higher in the regular season standings. Bare minimum I think the Irish have to win three. Forget Ohio State, had the Irish beaten St. John's the first time around ND would be 9-9 and just need wins over DePaul and Providence in the BET for an at-large bid.

Georgetown did get really lucky, but they're dead in the water. It'll take a run to the finals at least to make up for 7-11. Not gonna happen.