Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Million Dollar Question

Would you rather win the NIT or lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament?

I'll try to give my opinion on this tomorrow (there's no good answer, really neither is a good end to the season).

Also, a quick note about the Kentucky faithful. I e-mailed A Sea of Blue about this and should probably post here as well. I'm too young to remember the "neutral" site games of the '60s and '70s and didn't watch enough basketball back when Eddie Sutton was FedEx-ing recruits a thousand bucks in cash, so I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to the Wildcats.

Tonight, the Kentucky fans showed up two or three thousand strong to support its first NIT-bound basketball team since before Rick Pitino discovered hair gel. The band was loud, if not the world's greatest (never respect a band with a drum set), and the cheerleaders also performed well and took pictures with our cheerleaders.

The Kentucky fans I came across were knowledgeable and absolute die-hard fanatics for their team. Not fake sun-tanned frontrunners like USC football fans or obnoxious like the Cameron Crazies can sometimes be, just good old basketball supporters. Thanks to them for being well-behaved (for as much as I can tell) and gracious.

Now, let's never let another team infiltrate the Joyce like they did tonight.


Craig said...

I think the Kentucky fans made for a more pro-ND crowd. I can't see us being that juiced without the need to out-shout them.

BlackandGreen said...

It made for a great atmosphere. Kentucky fans would start a chant to be soon drowned out by "Let's Go Irish." Nice to see a bunch of people on their feet during the game, as well.

Anonymous said...

gave u a plug

Bryan said...

Wanna bet the winner of the NIT talks themselves into the "I'd rather win the NIT than lose in
1st round" garbage loser talk every year?

I'd also like to point out that losing in the 1st round (or 2nd) would have been a HUGE dissappoint this year too.

Anonymous said...

What's with the attendance reporting for the NIT games? While attendance was anemic for the first two games, I believe that the attendance was under reported. Last night there was definitely more than 7,600 in the building - I thought at or over 10,000.

Great game by the boys last night. That game and the Louisville game make you wonder what could have been.

Kentucky was more of a two trick pony than we are. After Meeks and Patterson there really wasn't much besides raw athleticism and long arms. Patterson dogged it at times and some of there other players appeared disinterested in getting back on D.

MJenks said...

Growing up in Indiana, and growing up an Indiana fan, I hate Kentucky fans. But, I hate them for all the right reasons: they know basketball, they love their team, and their team usually beats the hell out of my favorite team.

That being said, Kentucky fans as individuals are always some of the nicest and most pleasant folks I've ever met. I've never wanted to punch a Kentucky fan in the throat. Plus, anyone who hates Duke that much has all the respect in the world in my eyes.

BlackandGreen said...


Just read your post and thanks for the plug. I'm glad to see the Big East come through when it counts to finally put the question of superiority to rest.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with your comment regarding bands with a drum set.

BlackandGreen said...

You like the drum set? I'm no music expert, but I'll definitely take the variety of percussion in the ND over a drum set and jazzy feel.

Anonymous said...

If the drummer is good, then yeah, I prefer the set, but not every band does it well. I didn't get to hear UK's so I can't really comment. The way ND does it is fine too.

Anonymous said...

For example, UDayton had a really good set player a few years ago.