Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next Game

Thursday at 7 on ESPN2 at the Joyce Center. Opponent looks to be New Mexico, ranked one spot below us by Ken Pomeroy and a team that split the regular season title in the Mountain West.

EDIT: mentions a possible contract extension for Fran McCaffery and how the former Irish assistant would probably not leave Siena for any job except Notre Dame. Also links to this site, so I'll reciprocate.


Doc Hoople said...

Another chance for you and your wife to blow $52 watching the also rans. Buy the cheap seats and move down if your hurting that much for something to do? Or you could just stay home and watch the A Teams on HD.

As long as Brey is the coach we're stuck mediocre talent and mediocre coaching. It is what it is......

Anonymous said...

the turnout last night was an absolute disgrace. those seniors have worked harder the last 4 years than most of the season ticket holders have worked in their entire life.

is this how kyle macalarny's career is going to come to an end, if they lose? in front of 2000 people. what a f'in embarassment.

Maybe a matchup with kentucky (possible) will get some of these assholes to the arena.

what a joke

Doc Hoople said...

Anonymous, since you know how hard the season ticket holders have worked all their lives, maybe you should buy up a section and give the tickets to all the assholes your refering to? Considering the fact that discretionary income is at a premium with many. I would think the N.I.T. might not be high on their lists?

Mac's career will end with a degree from Notre Dame and I'm sure he'll be a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

if its not high on your list, then dont call yourself a fan (not saying you, just making a general statement)

look i understand not selling the place out, but 2000 fans in a 10000 seat arena was flat out an embarassment on national tv

BlackandGreen said...

Settle down, you two. In all seriousness, I agree with parts of both positions. It is embarrassing to seat only 2000 for a nationally televised game, but no one is forced to show up. We've had solid support all year and certainly lower attendance is expected when a team with high expectations plays in the NIT. However, these are student-athletes who work hard and deserve a certain level of support from the school and fans.

I don't necessarily agree with the group that attempts to demonstrate its frustration by boycotting the NIT. The team deserves a certain level of support for representing the University, but fans are well within their rights to avoid paying $20 or more to attend a game they really don't want to watch.

Anonymous said...

like i said, im not advocating selling the place out. i know that isnt realistic. but i dont think its too much to ask to get 5-6000 fans there