Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Weekend Conference Comparison

Sweet Sixteen-

Big East- 5
Big XII- 3
ACC- 2
Big Ten- 2
A-10- 1
Pac-10- 1
C-USA- 1
WCC- 1

Some nice games closed out the weekend. Say what you want about Lazar Hayward's step-over (dumb play, good call by the refs), Marquette blew its chances by allowing a three-point play with 48 seconds remaining. Michigan State survived by holding Southern Cal scoreless over the final 3:53. Louisville did not deserve to win, but still outlasted a game Siena squad.

As always, the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament lived up to expectations. With all but two of the top sixteen teams in the country still alive, next weekend should produce a few good contests, as well.


MJenks said...

I personally don't think any of the number one seeds deserved to make it through this weekend. And probably at least two of the number two seeds should have gone down.

MJenks said...

Sorry, I was confusing UConn with Pitt. I didn't get to see any of UConn's games since either Duke or UNC or some other regional game was on. The UConn/Memphis tilt--if it all works out--is looking to be an interesting matchup.

BlackandGreen said...

Memphis/UCONN is what I am most looking forward to. Forget the pundits and the arguments about who should be a 1 seed. Just decide it on the court, two great defenses going up against each other.

Anonymous said...

Things not heard over the weekend - "My goodness, I really miss Billy Packer!"

Marquette got a bad deal. The NCAA needs to seriously review the rule about an "injured" player not taking free throws and suddenly being well enough to enter the game immediately after the free throws are taken by another player. I would have been mad too if I was Buzz yesterday.

MJenks said...

Anonymous...some twit on the radio station down here in Raleigh-Durham (850 the Buzz's director, Adam Gold) said just that. On Friday, he was bemoaning the loss of Billy Packer. Probably because of Packer's love of the ACC teams.

Link for proof.

Yeah, Gold's an idiot.

BlackandGreen said...

"I have nothing against Clark Kellogg, but Billy Packer he’s not."


MJenks said...