Wednesday, February 18, 2009

West Virginia at the Half

Someone should tell the ESPN360 commentators that basketball shots do not bend. We're going to hear "bending, bending good" another dozen or so times in the second half.

Great game on offense and most defensive possessions. If we could just rebound, this is a double digit lead. Unfortunately, second chances have allowed the Mountaineers to hang around and finally take the lead at the end of the half. Be tough and actually box a guy out!

EDIT: It's gotten worse. At least we have a bit more class than the West Virginia student section. Really, you can't think of anything better than "Luke's a faggot" and booing him when he touches the ball? Weak.


Anonymous said...

if we can hit some free throws and clean up the glass we will win this game

Anonymous said...

Tough? Us?? Since when???

Anonymous said...

well i guess it is real simple now. it all comes down to saturday. if we win, we still have a pulse. if we lose, then its over.

Anonymous said...

This team was in the top ten on New Year's Day. It is eminently possible they will not make the NCAA tournament, and that it would not be a difficult decision for the selection committee.

This team deserves as much scrutiny as football got after the USC game.

Anonymous said...

If we have any shot of making the tourney, Nash has to start the rest of the season - I don't care if he takes Hillesland or Ayers' place. His rebounding efficiency is the same as Gody's and he's tough as nails on defense. I cannot believehe wasn't in the game during the last five minutes of the first half when they were getting 2-3 shots per possession. Then the trend continues in the second half, he is inserted into the game, promptly gets two defensive rebounds in 30 seconds, and promptly goes back to the bench. WTF is Brey thinking?