Sunday, February 08, 2009

New Format

I'm working on a new look for the blog (one that doesn't scream "I picked some default template"). Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I like your new look. Maybe make the green louder, brighter, more like the Irish uniforms?

Also, why don't you come up with a list of 10 things that would make the Irish a better basketball team, and ask your blogger readers to provide theirm10 ideas as well.

Are you on campus? If so, any chance that you can interview a player?

Anonymous said...

And speaking of the uniforms........The uniforms we wore at UCLA are plain ugly and clownish with the swirl panels on the side. Burn them. UCLA always looks good with their traditional uniforms that they have worn forever. How about the '78 unis? They wore them for a game last year and they looked good. Enough with the gimmicks.....look like your from ND, wear Blue and Gold (black is so over.

MJenks said...

Well, I would definitely think black and green should be the main colors and maybe toss in some gold.

Shamrocks should appear somewhere, too.

BlackandGreen said...

I really like the old 1978-style home unis. Clean look, basic design.

Having seen the new jerseys in action now, I definitely like the blue better. Last season I would have said the opposite. Overall, they still kind of have that Walmart-esque feel. By that I mean it looks more like a cheap knock-off than what the real thing should be.

My favorite away jerseys were from a couple of years ago (maybe 2005-06?) with the block "Notre Dame" and crisp look( For home games, I like the script "Irish" if it is done right but nothing too fancy. The alternate golds weren't too bad and obviously I like the black and green from time to time (last year's version, not this year).

Anonymous said...

they did wear blue on saturday, it didnt help

Anonymous said...

They could wear Michael Jordan's old Bulls uniform this year and it would not help!

Anonymous said...

I like the '78 unis for home. Experiment on the road. This years edition clearly misses the mark. Maybe even have adidas come up with
the new, form fitting uniforms ala UConn, Ohio State, Georgetown, Syracuse et al. May seem like a silly conversation. Trust me, it is not. 16 and 17 year old kids are very impressed by sharp looking uniforms. Too many times it seems ND changes for change sake (could marketing the new jerseys have something to do with this?).

BlackandGreen said...

I hated the system of dress jerseys when they came out (, but they have grown on me a bit (Nike thankfully stepped back a bit from the original idea of long sleeve spandex under the tops). The shorts are still too big for my taste, but whatever.

Recruits take everything into account now, so you're right that even a small thing like a jersey has meaning. Since the basketball team lacks tradition with its uniforms (a la gold helmets, etc. for football), let's just find a look that is attractive without being ridiculous.