Monday, February 09, 2009

Sportsline Blog Poll

The new BlogPoll is out and it's a pretty interesting read. At the risk of inflating my own ego a little bit more, I'll link it here.

The formatting needs some work, but they do some pretty cool stuff with it. I received the "Mr. Numb Existence" award for predicting the poll most accurately with my ballot (not on purpose, obviously, but interesting to note). Other "awards" went to the blogs furthest from the norm and with the largest bias. This midmajor blog attacked the establishment with a fervor both commendable and worrying (Utah State 5th? East Tennessee State?). All in all, it is an interesting experiment and a nice nod to the fans who spend their time on these blogs.

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TB said...

Mr Numb! the blogpoll is a fun exercise......hopefully the votes drives a bit of traffic (and his categories are entertaining). good luck the rest of the way