Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fran McCaffery

The Bracket Busters always provide a good tidbit or two about the smaller programs. This year it's a reminder of a former Irish assistant who is working his way up in the lower ranks of college basketball and should be on the short list next time the Irish need a coach.

Fran McCaffery spent 11 years as an assistant here before moving on to head the UNC Greensboro program. He took them to one NCAA berth in six years and is now completing his fourth season at Siena. The Saints made the Tournament last season and blew Vanderbilt out by 21 in the first round.

He's not the best case scenario for a possible new head coach down the line, but you can guarantee he will be the first or second interviewee should the position open up. I'd follow his career with some interest.

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Anonymous said...

Fran is a great guy who deserves a shot somewhere. I knew him from my college days when we played on the same summer league team in Philadelphia. Just a genuinely nice guy who has done a great job in all his stops along the way.