Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big East Player of Year Race

With Hasheem Thabeet actually putting up a decent performance on offense last night, some have mentioned that the 7'3" hack might be pulling into first place for Big East Player of the Year.

Stats Against Big East Competition-

Harangody- 28.0 PPG (1st in the Big East), 14.5 RPG (1st in the Big East), 1.0 BPG
Thabeet- 12.1 PPG (Erm, not in the top 30 so I don't know exactly...), 9.8 RPG (4th in the Big East), 4.5 BPG (1st)

Not a contest. Thabeet is a very efficient scorer, but that is only because he has been the 3rd or 4th option on the team. We'll see how he does with Dyson out. Harangody has carried his program, such as it is. If the Irish make the Tournament, he will be hands-down the most valuable player in the nation. Even if they don't, his numbers are so superior to anyone else in the league (I think Blair might be the next best) that this vote should be unanimous.

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Craig said...

Thabeet is not the third or fourth option, he's the fifth option. Which is actually suboptimal for UConn, because he's their most efficient scorer, they really ought to be using him more.

Then again, what they're doing right now is working, so who am I to tell them how they ought to be running their offense?

Anyway, I agree that until Thabeet has more involvement on offense, he should not be POY.