Thursday, February 05, 2009

Other Games to Watch

I can't stop posting today... Be sure to read the other two posts from earlier. They are below.

In addition to the games we have to win to get to 9-9, there will be competition among teams fighting for position in the Big East standings that could play a role. Teams we need to follow if we eventually turn this season around somewhat:

Syracuse- (6-4)- Already have the head-to-head win over the Irish but a tough road ahead could slide them into a final record around 9-9. Home games against Georgetown and Villanova could provide stumbling blocks along with three tough road trips.
  • 2/14- Georgetown
  • 2/22- Villanova
Providence- (6-4)- Schedule is beginning to get tougher. Four more projected losses plus their game with us could put them at 9-9.
  • 2/10- @ South Florida- Pomeroy only gives them a 51% chance of winning
  • 2/21- Notre Dame
Cincinnati- (5-5)- Three tough road games with less than a 20% chance of success, two home contests that are only slightly easier.
  • 2/21- Louisville
  • 2/26- West Virginia
West Virginia- (4-5)- Performed better against their rough stretch than the Irish did. Should finish strong.
  • 2/12- Villanova
  • 2/18- Notre Dame
Georgetown- (4-6)- Took care of their must-win midweek game, just a couple tough ones ahead.
  • 2/14- @ Syracuse
  • 2/23- Louisville
Pomeroy's Projected Big East Standings at the End of the Year-
  1. Connecticut- 15-3
  2. Louisville 15-3
  3. Marquette- 14-4
  4. Pittsburgh- 14-4
  5. Villanova- 12-6
  6. West Virginia- 11-7
  7. Syracuse- 10-8
  8. Providence- 9-9
  9. Georgetown- 9-9
  10. Cincinnati- 8-10
  11. Notre Dame- 7-11
  12. Seton Hall- 6-12
  13. St. John's- 5-13
  14. South Florida- 4-14
  15. Rutgers- 3-15
  16. DePaul- 1-17
Take it for what you will, we still need to win our games for a shot.

EDIT: Posting gobs of soon-to-be-irrelevant data is a pretty good therapy. The blood pressure seems to be dropping for the first time in 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so you think we are better than DePaul??
Seriously, you gotta believe that our team will bounce back and win 3 of the 4 games you listed.

Otherwise, I'll have to brush up on the Irish baseball to see if I can have a winning ND team this year.

BlackandGreen said...

Definitely hope for the best and prepare for the worst. For a while I've felt like they'd turn it around in the next game and it keeps not happening.

If you want a really good ND team, try to follow hockey. The Irish we're #1 (just dropped back to second) and are very, very good. I've never been a huge hockey fan (despite being half-Canadian) but I'll support any Notre Dame squad.

Anonymous said...

It's come to ND hockey and baseball. BTW..Jeff Samardzija at the baseball dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact about this Saturday's game against UCLA. It starts at 1 pm. Thats 10 am out there. Really early. I got to think that UCLA could be sleepwalking early, and also could impact how into the game the crowd is.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the coverage map for saturday is. i know the game is televised at 1pm by cbs, but it is regional coverage.