Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Vinson could be visiting Sunday. The Irish are listed alongside a host of other schools, most notably Louisville and Wake Forest. Rivals has Georgetown and Maryland in the mix without ND. We'll find out more when he actually takes his visits.

And now that hockey has its plan in place, we can start looking forward to a possible basketball practice facility. The standalone hockey rink means that the North Dome could be converted into basketball-only, but it currently hosts Domer Fest, Junior Parents Weekend, and a host of other festivities. There isn't a convocation center of that size elsewhere on campus (the Stepan Center is small and a bit run-down), meaning the team could be looking for its own standalone practice facility. Either plan would be a few years away, but it is good to know that the ideas are out there and will be in motion once financing is available.


Anonymous said...

A look around NDNation gets you this post:;pid=131202;d=this

So the hope is to take the practice facility for basketball (both men and women, as well as volleyball) completely out of the JACC. This would free up the Fieldhouse for continued use for football luncheons, JPW, baccalaureate dinners, the annual football banquet, Bengal Bouts, and fencing meets.

MJenks said...

"(the Stepan Center is small and a bit run-down)"

that's a bit of an understatement.