Sunday, February 22, 2009

Preliminary Ballot

Some nice games today will affect how the final version turns out, but this is how I see it (assuming Nova, Illinois, Clemson, Xavier, MSU, Duke, and Arizona State all win)-

1 Pittsburgh 3
2 Connecticut 1
3 Memphis 2
4 Oklahoma 2
5 North Carolina 2
6 Missouri 2
7 Marquette 2
8 Clemson 2
9 Louisville 2
10 Duke 2
11 Arizona St. 2
12 Gonzaga 2
13 Wake Forest 6
14 Michigan St. 8
15 Kansas
16 Villanova 1
17 Illinois 1
18 Butler 2
19 UCLA 1
20 Brigham Young 1
21 Purdue 2
22 Washington 2
23 Louisiana St.
24 Syracuse
25 Utah
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Dayton (#21), Xavier (#22), Davidson (#25).

I had Pitt #1 going into yesterday, but Oklahoma and UNC losing should make it unanimous.


MJenks said...

Personally, I don't know if I would have dropped Oklahoma so far. That was a pretty cheap shot that Griffin took, but then, it's Texas, so it gets filed under "rivalry".

Still, they had a good lead on an inferior team and let it slip away, so I can see dropping them two spots.

Maybe I just hate seeing Memphis propped up so high is all.

BlackandGreen said...

Memphis is a question mark and I have them higher than average. Probably my most questionable placement was Butler after losing to Wisconsin-Milwaukee mid-week, but I liked their win at Davidson. It's so hard to compare mid-majors with major conference teams.

You have to give Oklahoma some credit for hanging tough without the best player in the country, but statistically they shouldn't even be 4th (Pomeroy pegs them at 18th). Either Griffin comes back and they bounce back into contention for the top spot or they will be exposed against Kansas and Missouri.

MJenks said...

As much as I love Butler, you're right. Their win at Davidson was nice, but you have to consider that Steph Curry was not Steph Curry, more like 80% Steph Curry.

It'd be easier if the mid-majors had more chances to play the major conference teams, but most of the big guys are scared of the better mid-majors and feast off the middle-of-the-pack mid-major teams or go down to the small conferences.

All-in-all, though, I think you do a fair job ranking the teams. But then, I like your coverage of the basketball team, so I'm a bit biased.