Friday, February 06, 2009

High School Senior Available

Terrell Vinson was granted his release from Loyola Maymount after Bill Bayno's retirement. I mentioned him here before our game with LMU. Bayno's problems with depression started to come out around that contest as well. Guess who is listed first on ESPN's Vinson page?

For all of his struggles recruiting top-notch high school players, Coach Brey has had some success with guys taking a second look (see Martin and Hansbrough). Maybe we can strike it big with this one as well.

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BlackandGreen said...

There's really an interesting dynamic recruiting a top talent who was going mid-major. We will have to fight some programs with more top-notch talent (Georgetown and Villanova), but the name of the school is clearly not most important to this guy. Hopefully Coach Brey's Baltimore connections will help.