Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Ten Basketball

Things I'd rather do than attend the Penn State/Illinois game:

Watch paint dry
Watch grass grow
Eat my hat
Marry a goat (no online video, just watch TV sometime to see the commercial)
Steal a car and drive it off a cliff

There are plenty of other things I would rather do than watch a Big Ten basketball game. Especially one that ended 38-33.

38-33 was the score of my 7th grade CYO games. 38-33 is a boring Big XII football game. 38-33 is the career record of a pitcher that spends a few years in the big leagues with limited success.

Stats from yesterday:

Penn State ("winning" team)-
28.3% shooting, 3-17 from three
30% shooting, 3-16 from three, zero free throws attempted

40 minutes of basketball, one player in double figures, worse shooting than a blind man in a pitch-black gym.

That's not good defense, that's just playing basketball at a level lower than five guys at your local YMCA.


MJenks said...

Yeah, but Illinois and Penn State are probably still in the running to make the NCAA tournament.

Anonymous said...

You should hear the people in Big Televen country defend this game. They love defense here in this part of the country. Pathetic if you ask me.

MJenks said...

I remember some talking head say, after Indiana lost to Maryland in 2002, that, if this were a woman's game, we'd all be insulting every aspect of the game itself, but since it was men's...meh.

Same holds true here.