Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eric Devendorf Suspended for Rest of Year

Syracuse's starting shooting guard has been kicked out of the university, pending appeal, for allegedly punching a twenty-year-old girl in the face. Classy.

Of course, in accordance with Jim Boeheim's seven-strikes-and-you're-out rule, Devendorf will continue to play until his appeal is heard. Word on the street does not sound good, however, for the redshirt junior from Bay City, Michigan.

Devendorf is averaging 14.1 points in eight games this year. He is traditionally a strong three-point shooter, but is down to 32% so far this season.

Devendorf jumped onto the national scene with a fantastic Big East Tournament his freshman year, leading the Orange to a longshot conference title alongside Gerry McNamara. No worries for his fans, however, you haven't seen the last of this guy. He'll be back next season after receiving a hardship waiver after last year's injury.


Anonymous said...

Funny how they can't prosecute him in real criminal court, due to lack of evidence... but a kangaroo court at the University can find him guilty...

BlackandGreen said...

Apparently the victim was the only one willing to testify against Devendorf. The other people present at the scene were involved kicking the alleged victim's car, were presumably intoxicated as well, and have no reason to testify against Devendorf. Without additional witnesses, the case has no legal grounds.

However, universities operate by different standards (as we have seen in the past at Notre Dame) and can deliver punishment as they see fit. If the alleged incident is true, he deserves this harsh punishment and should not play another minute for the Orange this season.