Thursday, December 11, 2008

More on the Devendorf Story

For those of you who have been following it, the story of the Syracuse guard soon-to-be-suspended goes something like this. Eric Devendorf was at a party on Halloween night. The party was at a fraternity. Eric had too much to drink was and asked to leave. Eric took offense and beat the guy to the ground on the front lawn. Frat boy's girlfriend shows up and tries to intervene. Devendorf yells at her and (allegedly) strikes her in the face before going back to beating up the boyfriend. Not exactly a class act.

Of course, Jim Boeheim is appalled... that the judicial board suspended Devendorf for the year. What a shame!

In the end, does it really matter if Devendorf physically assaulted Kimberly Smith on Halloween night? Shouldn't simply beating a guy to a bloody pulp and screaming at his girlfriend make him a jerk? Regardless of the legal ramifications of his actions, Eric Devendorf is a Grade A punk. Props to the university for actually taking action against the guy (who was reportedly already on probation for earlier fighting issues).

Is Eric Devendorf a criminal? Maybe not, as no charges were handed down, but avoiding prosecution does not make one a saint or worthy of avoiding punishment from the school. Once again, thanks to Syracuse for actually showing a little backbone and teaching this guy a lesson. Hopefully he can learn from this and come back a better man.

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