Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shakeup Saturday

A good day in college basketball deserves a dramatic ESPN-esque title.

Already Lost:

#5 Texas
#7 Xavier
#9 Louisville

Will Fall:

#2 UCONN or #9 Gonzaga
#11 Syracuse* or #21 Memphis
#20 Davidson

*Orange should take a hit in the rankings win or lose today due to their being upset by Cleveland State at home.

With an Irish win (knock on wood), we're looking at being ranked 7th or 8th in the nation. If we can hold that into the Big East season, our exposure as a national program will get a nice boost and help out recruiting. Also should lift the team's self-confidence a bit over the holidays.

Let's get a solid win tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching the U Conn game right now. They are vulnerable. If Gody can keep Thabeet out of the paint or get him into foul trouble, we take at least one of those games this year...

That said, Gonzaga has the goods this year.

BlackandGreen said...

I would feel pretty confident going into a game against UCONN this year. We have our weaknesses (rebounding, free throw shooting), but can at least compete with anyone short of UNC.

Look at Connecticut's games against LaSalle and Buffalo. In the first, the Huskies took 30 extra foul shots. A mediocre A-10 team simply outplayed them in every other facet of the game. Same story with the four point win over Buffalo. The only difference between the two teams was Connecticut's advantage from the stripe.

BlackandGreen said...

As soon as I posted that, A.J. Price hit a miracle three and Connecticut stepped up their defense in overtime. Looks like a win for the Big East.

Thabeet's T made me smile a bit though...