Saturday, December 13, 2008


Great game in DC today. Watch on CBS if you get a chance. I'll recap it a bit following the contest.

EDIT: Great. 30 seconds left with G'Town up one and the local station goes to a contest between two storied programs who haven't been collectively this bad, well... ever (Kentucky and Indiana).

I just missed Memphis force overtime. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

At least I don't have to watch one of the refs consistently call attention to himself. The Ted Valentine look-alike (his greatness was not there, thankfully) consistently called bad charges to go with a 10 second whistle blow to announce palming (who calls palming?!) while players on both teams switched pivot feet with regularity. Let the players play and stop being such a diva.

Back to a real game on CBS thankfully. Wait, no! You want me to watch Kentucky destroy Indiana. Why?! There are only three minutes left in a game between two Sweet 16 contenders, but I'm forced to watch some JV team play at Rupp Arena.

14-0 Kentucky. Whoo-hoo.

More on the game I'm not allowed to watch. Neither team has really played well today, with Memphis forcing Georgetown out of its half-court game. The Hoyas have been extremely good on both sides of the ball this year, making them a top five team by Ken Pomeroy rankings, but will certainly fall win or lose after this one.

22-4 Kentucky. Go Hoosiers!

Now looks like Georgetown will win, a good W for the Big East. I'll start a new post now.

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