Saturday, December 13, 2008

Georgetown/Memphis Part II

We in South Bend did get to see the closing ten seconds of the game in DC before switching back to Verne Lundquist and Greg Anthony try to keep the viewers' interest in a really bad game.

About the Hoyas. Before Jesse Sapp miraculously tossed the ball through the hoop in celebration, Georgetown was 3-20 from downtown. Without Roy Hibbert, Georgetown really does not have a post presence. 6'11" frosh Monroe scored 9 of his 13 from the charity stripe. As long as the Irish can rely on Harangody to play good interior defense with no double-team help while closing out the shooters, we should be able to take down this team at the Joyce Center.

EDIT: You'll see a new link to the right side. Click on it to go to my profile at, a fantastic resource for hoops junkies. I will be relying on box scores and other information from this site a bit in the future.

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