Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ACC/Big Ten "Challenge"

As esteemed poet Robert Plant once said:

Lots of people talking
Few of them know
Big Ten Basketball
Was created below.

The league that brought you the 47-39 shootout (I'm stretching to pick my least favorite box score, but you get the idea) deserves to be embarrassed by a vastly superior (if overrated in its own rate) conference every year. By large margins. Repeatedly.

That's why I have no problem for supporting teams like Duke and Carolina this time of the year. Lay it on the Paint Crew, Dookies.

I'm really negative today, aren't I? Time to step away from the keyboard...


Anonymous said...

Although... if PU had been able to knock of Duke we probably would have moved up one in the rankings (assuming we don't get jumped by the Boilers).

They don't mean much this early in the season but I'm all for cracking the arbitrary top five if we can.

BlackandGreen said...

Agreed, though Oklahoma and Gonzaga both jumped us with wins over top 10 teams (they are also undefeated).

North Carolina is the only top 5 team playing a ranked opponent the rest of the week and we will not hop over them, so we may have reached our high water mark for a while.

The team to watch is Texas. With games against UCLA and Villanova over the next week, they could vault back into the national picture and carry us with them (provided we beat Ohio State).