Monday, December 15, 2008

Irish Fall in Polls

Notre Dame actually dropped a bit in the Coaches Poll following Saturday's win over Boston University. Future opponents Syracuse, UCLA, and Georgetown move up with wins over Long Beach State, DePaul, (not exactly quality opponents) and Memphis. Can't say I agree with the selection of UCLA over us (same record, loss to Texas), but Georgetown moving up makes a little sense. The Irish are now 14th in the country, dropping only one spot due to losses by 'Nova and Tennessee.

Ken Pomeroy now has Georgetown at #1 in the nation and the Irish at #30. Notre Dame is the 7th highest ranked team in the Big East. Of course, none of this really matters in the end. Simply put, we just have to win to move up. With eight ranked teams in the Big East, there will be amble opportunity to turn heads.

EDIT: In the AP poll, the Irish remain 12th. Syracuse jumps as they are unbeaten, but UCLA and Georgetown are 14th and 15th. Tennessee falls to 16th and Villanova was already ranked below ND in last week's poll. We actually gained a sizable amount of votes in the AP poll and hold a considerable lead over 13th ranked Purdue.

EDIT #2: Note to all voters who placed Syracuse above Notre Dame: You were wrong. Syracuse falls to Cleveland State 72-69. Take that Devendorf!

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