Friday, December 19, 2008

Syracuse Rolls Over

You have to be kidding me.

In an action that completely reinforces its history of caving to thugs and coach Jim Boeheim's ridiculous sense of justice (Billy Edelin, anyone?), Syracuse has suspended Eric Devendorf for the rest of the semester.

This semester. As in the one that ended last Friday.

That's right, Eric Devendorf's actions were found to be so despicable that the school is sending him home for Christmas, just like every other non-athlete. What a punishment.

Devendorf could be reinstated on January 12th, the beginning of the spring semester. Just in time to play Georgetown (what a coincidence).

Don't get your hopes up and expect anything more serious from either the university or the basketball team. Devendorf receive no more than this slap on the wrist for his contemptable behavior. The Orange should lose on Saturday against Memphis, but they will most likely remain unbeaten the rest of the way while Devo sits out.

You stay classy, Syracuse.


MJenks said...

As disgusting as it is, that's par for the course not just for Syracuse but for all major college sports teams.

The Miami U. fight a couple of seasons ago will always be my favorite, when they suspended 22 players...for the Duke game.

I was glad to hear it when Mike Golic took Donna Shalalah to task over that farce of justice on the air.

Anonymous said...

dude, you go to Notre Dame. just stop.

MariusJanulisForThree said...

Do you have all the facts? The accuser's lawyer admitted that he didn't punch her and she wasn't injured. It was more like he put his hand in her face.

He's guilty of being a dooshbag and a six-seven game suspension is pretty fair for that. Inasmuch as he is a thuggish a-hole sometimes, he didn't deserve to be suspended the entire season.

BlackandGreen said...

Fair enough, and you're certainly not making light of his foolishness which is commendable.

My only question is if a regular student would have faced the same punishment (community service, a slap on the wrist) for a similar offense.

While obviously my views of punishment are skewed (we threw a guy out of school for a semester for smoking pot), it would be more understandable if Devendorf received the same treatment as anyone else. From what I've heard (from various unreliable internet sources), the judicial board was much much more lenient than usual. Of course, I wasn't in the room. Just an outsider's view.

BlackandGreen said...

It could be as short as two, so we'll see what does end up happening...

If I was a Syracuse fan, I would certainly want to see him on the floor because he is a fantastic player. However, this isn't the first instance of his acting like a thug and he is a fool for putting himself in such a situation.

When the K-Mac situation came about, there were plenty of opinions about the severity of the punishment. While it was pretty heavy handed, it clearly followed the precedent set by earlier drug related University punishments. If community service is a common punishment for Syracuse students involved in such incidents (granted the case is a bit unique and the possibility of an earlier "secret probation" was there), I would understand a bit more.