Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bob Knight

I can't stand him as a coach, but Bob Knight really is a fantastic analyst. A bit of an awkward talker and looks miserable on the screen, but he has plenty of intelligent things to add to the conversation.

Knight made a very astute comment about Harangody getting healthy and how he was still under the weather against OSU. Digger's obvious response was that he finished with 25 and 16 and mentioned McAlarney's poor shooting percentage. If Phelps had watched the game (and I love the guy for his connection to ND, but he clearly had a knowledge of Saturday's contest that was limited to the box score), he would have understood that Ohio State let Harangody bang around down low all night while shadowing Mac with full energy. Knight's response to Digger was "Notre Dame will be a completely different team with him healthy." I certainly agree, and it will be nice to see Gody playing to his full ability.


BlackandGreen said...

West Virginia has done a fantastic job defending Steph Curry tonight. Constant switching, never letting Curry get open off a screen. That is how you defend a shooter. Focus on having the closest player defend him. If the defender can't run around a screen, he should give it up and let someone else get in Curry's face. The great strategy by the Mountaineers (and superb offensive rebounding) is why Davidson has not run away with the game.

BlackandGreen said...

I write this and the guy goes on a tear. Wow. Watch this kid every time you get a chance this season, he is special.

MJenks said...

I don't think that was West Effin' Virginia's doing so much as Curry just had a bad night shooting.

If it had been all on the defense, I don't think McKillop would have let Curry shoot that much.

BlackandGreen said...

It's a testament to his ability that McKillop didn't shut him down for the night. Coaches like Brey and McKillop take some heat for having their best shooters let it fly so much, but they have to be fun to play for.