Sunday, January 25, 2009

Starting Lineup Tweak

As expected, some changes are coming for the Irish.

Nothing specific known yet, but I would guess Luke Zeller will play in place of Hillesland. That doesn't exactly fix the problem, but it is good to know that Coach Brey isn't just going with the status quo. 15-20 minutes for Ty Nash Monday would be a nice change too.

EDIT: Why, hello Seton Hall. The Pirates give Georgetown their third straight loss and give me something to smile about tonight.


MJenks said...

Doesn't Georgetown losing to Seton Hall cheapen ND's victory over Georgetown?

BlackandGreen said...

There's a bit of a difference between teams you beat in conference and out of the league. Obviously, you want teams like Texas to win out as a boost to the RPI and increase the quality of an earlier win.

In the league, however, I'd cheer for the underdog in any game for several reasons. One, the more evenly distributed losses are, the higher ND will finish in the final standings. Two, ultimately the place in conference and BET results (affected by seeding) will have more of an impact on the Committee than exactly who you win against. Finally, it reinforces the thought that the Big East just beats up on itself, strengthening the national reputation of the league as a whole and somewhat forgiving our loss to St. John's.

The Big East is tough and we get respect for just surviving such a difficult schedule. In the end, however, saying you finished 5th or 6th is more important than having a list of two or three quality in conference wins.

BlackandGreen said...

Of course, it is also just nice to see that other teams struggle as much as you do at times.

MJenks said...

This is true. I usually want teams that we've beaten to keep on winning, so that it makes our wins look better.

I guess I'm stuck in a BCS mentality despite the fact that we have a tournament.