Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Extra Thought

It seems that those concerned with out lack of depth (including yours truly) point to Nash and Scott as the answers. Neither of those two can really play in the backcourt to give Jackson or McAlarney a breather. While Nash is a good rebounder, you definitely do not want him taking the place of Harangody on the offensive end.

The result is that we have three guys playing the whole game (Jackson, McAlarney, and Harangody) and three more experienced players (Ayers, Hillesland, and Zeller) splitting 80 minutes of game time.

The players who seemed to be tired yesterday (Jackson with his turnovers, McAlarney and Harangody with cheap fouls) don't play Scott and Nash's positions.


Golden Monkey said...

Whose fault is it that we don't have a quality back up guard? That's the one position that is normally available because size is not as important. These young kids know the reputation of the coach, if they feel they don't have a chance at playing time, forget about it. I honestly don't believe Brey would go much deeper than seven under any circumstance. That's his comfort zone.

BlackandGreen said...

Comfort is definitely part of it. We recruited Ty Proffitt to help out with backcourt depth, but he transferred. If Coach Brey trusts Jonathan Peoples, he would be getting more than two minutes in a big conference game. He clearly doesn't and unless something has happened over the course of the season for Peoples to fall out of favor, you would have thought we could have signed a guy last season to help out.

Of course, Peoples played 20 minutes against UNC. He's cycled in and out of the lineup the last two years, so we might see more of him in the future.