Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Coaches in the Big East

  1. Jim Calhoun- Two national titles, six Big East championships, 21 NCAA appearances at two different schools
  2. Jim Boeheim- 2003 National Champion, five Big East titles
  3. Rick Pitino- 1996 National Champs, just joined Big East, but has perhaps the most well-rounded resume of anyone
  4. Bob Huggins- One Final Four appearance, five trips to the second weekend. Has been successful at three different schools. Still a scumbag.
  5. John Thompson III- A rising star, already has a Big East title in just four years in the league. Needs some more time but could be up with the top three by the end of his career.
  6. Jamie Dixon- Has been the right guy to take Pitt to the next level after Ben Howland. Five straight NCAA appearances, one Big East title.
  7. Mike Brey- This is a tough one between him and Jay Wright. Both won two conference titles in the America East and at least one Big East Coach of the Year award. Brey gets the nod for better performance in regular season and a longer track record.
  8. Jay Wright- Has more Sweet Sixteen appearances than Brey, but only two years with less than ten losses. Has a national Coach of the Year trophy for a great season in '06, but hasn't been able to back to elite status. Also dresses very well.
  9. Buzz Williams- Ranked low because he has not had enough experience to really judge him yet. Off to a great start at Marquette, however, and should rise quickly.
  10. Keno Davis- New Providence coach seems to be the right guy for the job. Put Drake on the map last season and has started well in the Big East.
  11. Mick Cronin- Huggins' replacement has improved over the past three years. Seems to have the program moving forward and was pretty good at Murray State.
  12. Stan Heath- Took Kent State on a magical Elite Eight run in 2002, but that highlight seems a long time ago. Was average at Arkansas and not any better at lowly South Florida.
  13. Jerry Wainwright- Has the best resume of the bottom four, but still not that great. One winning season in conference in three years. O-fer so far in his fourth season. Does have three NCAA trips at Wilmington and Richmond.
  14. Bobby Gonzalez- Only two tournament appearances at Manhattan, no postseason in his third year at Seton Hall.
  15. Norm Roberts- On his way out at St. John's. Made the Big East Tournament once since 2005.
  16. Fred Hill- Rutgers has been awful in his two years. Still bad.
I'd take any of the top nine guys. Our depth of coaching really speaks to the quality in this league.

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3 comments: said...

Hey, don't forget Pitino's stint in to the BIG EAST in '87 in Providence's final four year :)

BlackandGreen said...

Excellent point. Guy has had success everyhwere.

Anonymous said...

Keno Davis is a rising star. I believe he will do well at Providence in time. Is it a coincidence that the 3 NYC area coaches are on the bottom? I don't think so. They all come in with the same mantra - keep the (overrated) NYC and Jersey kids home. How is that working out for them?