Monday, January 26, 2009


When I complain about the play of certain players on the team (right now it's Hillesland and Ayers, Zeller has gotten some flak in the past), I try to do so with the full realization that these are 18-22 year olds playing for school tuition. It's not personal, they're all good guys. I'll scream and yell a bit, but I do appreciate the work they do for the school. Thanks in advance for also keeping that in mind when commenting on their play, as well.

EDIT: Big record for hits tonight. Thanks for the love, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Good guys - yes. Big East players -TBD. I can't remember our last dunk, hard foul or skirmish. Get mad boys or they'll keep taking your lunch money.

BlackandGreen said...

Hillesland can't finish at the basket. Without a solid jumper, you're not going to score without the ability to score at the rim.

Ayers hasn't shot a free throw in Big East play. 8 games, hasn't been fouled on a shot once. That's the definition of not being aggressive on offense.

Anonymous said...

I would have started with Nash and Scott... granted Zeller and Peoples did contribute tonight, but honestly, Nash and Scott are more athletic and from their play, seem to want it more. And when Ryan is going 1-17 from 3 point range, I mean really, should he see the floor?

BlackandGreen said...

I like what I've seen from Nash and Scott, but there's no way they were going to go from mop-up players to starters.

If Coach Brey is willing to make Nash a solid 15-20 minute guy, that's progress. Unfortunately, he didn't seem willing to let Scott play today, so we will see what the future holds there.

Craig said...

So far this season, Nash is the best offensive rebounder on the roster. He improved on his numbers against Marquette. I'd like to see Brey give him more time with the offense, and I'd like to see Ty be more assertive on offense in that time.

I'd be interested in what Scott has to offer, as well. He was shooting the lights out in the pre-game shootaround. I'm very curious about whether that would translate to a game situation, particularly with Ayers mired in a slump.

BlackandGreen said...

Obviously in game situations and shootaround are different beasts, but right now Scott can't be any worse than an athletic Ayers if Ryan is not making his shots.

Ideally, Scott will eventually be able to develop his outside shot to go with a nice drive.

Anonymous said...

I can only judge Scott from what I've seen, but he had several double figure games in Ireland, can stroke the three and has shown in the early part of the season a propensity for steals and rebounding.

Given that, if Ayers is not hitting his shot, I think the upside of Scott vis a vis Ayers should warrant playing time.

Now Brey might be seeing something different in practice - I have no way of knowing, but I don't see why he doesn't get a shot. With Brey's statement at his postgame presser 'you either produce or sit', it will be interesting to see if Scott gets some time at Pitt.