Saturday, January 24, 2009

College GameDay

Very proud of my school today. The students showed up about 4,000 strong with some small help from local fans. Great atmosphere with Digger playing emcee all morning. Just an excellent hour long infomercial for Notre Dame basketball.

Hopefully we can ride the energy from this morning to a win tonight.


BlackandGreen said...

Also, I'm not a fan of Bob Knight, but it was nice to see how he and Digger work together.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Bob Knight either but I will give him credit for being gracious and not trying to big time anyone. I passed by him after the game and he said hello to me and my son, unlike Charlie Weis who always seems to be escorted by a phalanx of security guards and other sycophants.

BlackandGreen said...

Glad to hear that. And you'll never lose points on this blog for lamenting about Charlie Weis' people skills (or lackthereof).