Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UCONN Preview- Part 1

The third-ranked Huskies beat Villanova tonight, meaning they will come to South Bend with a 17-1 record. Not too shabby.


Pomeroy Ranking- 7th
Offensive Rating- 118.3 (7th)
Defensive Rating- 88.3 (20th)
Team Three-Point Percentage- 38.2% (39th)
Strength of Schedule- 60th
OOC Strength of Schedule- 197th
Bench- 25.2% of minutes played (300th, 6 spots above the Irish)
Projected Record- 26-4 (14-4)

The Huskies are the second best team left on our schedule (Pitt is ranked 4th by Pomeroy) and we have to visit Storrs in late February. We have beaten Georgetown, the only team to knock off Connecticut, but this one will be tough.

Around the country, a couple huge upsets today. Northwestern dropped #7 Michigan State at home and Va. Tech beat #1 Wake Forest at home. Just like that, no more unbeatens. Ken Pomeroy gave Northwestern a 16% chance of winning and the Hokies with a 5% opportunity of success. Makes our 17% shot on Saturday look like nothing.

More tomorrow.

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