Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Positive Posting

Interesting post on NDNation about Mike Brey and other coaches around the country. I think it's a little overly simplistic but it does give some solid perspective. All things considered, I would be very hesitant to swap Coach Brey for anything other than a proven commodity. If there's a guy already with a Sweet 16 or two on his resume who can recruit, we'll talk. If we ended up searching the ranks of the mid-majors for another guy from Delaware, it would be a sad day indeed. He's a pretty good coach and an excellent fit here. You don't dump that unless you can be certain the next guy will move you up a level.

Terrence Mayrose is a frequent contributor to this blog with stories from the New York area (and interviews with K-Mac). He posted here and had this to say about the Irish:

*** Almost a year ago to the date, I made a premature judgement on a Big East team who had fallen to 3-5, and was entering a stretch of big games it needed to win. I quoted the colorful Michael Ray Richardson, and said "the ship be sinking." Then a week later after a blowout loss, I advised the coach to begin spelling "NIT".

The team was Villanova. My predictions were way off. Villanova not only made the tourney, they went to the Sweet Sixteen.

This year there is a team who's problems are almost identical to The Wildcats of last year. That team is Notre Dame. Now I'm not saying Notre Dame is identical to last year's Nova team, or that they will be a Sweet Sixteen team, but Irish fans should not be ready to call it baseball season just yet. As we've seen, it's all about getting hot at the right time. If this team can win the games it has to down the stretch, have a solid showing in the conference tourney, and get a good draw in the NCAA's, they very well may be the 08' Nova team. Anything's possible on the hardwood, so don't lose hope Irish fans. ***

Thanks to Terrence for that and be sure to check his blog every Wednesday. Some very good stuff there.


Anonymous said...

What a night in the big east. villanova beats pitt, providence beats syracuse, cincinnati beats georgetown. lets hope the irish can continue this insanity on saturday.

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BlackandGreen said...

I love this ^^^ Keep the positive vibes going until tomorrow. You can't change the past, let's just get back on track.