Saturday, January 03, 2009

Home Court Winning Streak

BYU has its streak on the line against #6 Wake Forest tonight. A Demon Deacon win would give the Irish the longest current run of home wins. It's a small prize if we can't defend the streak on Monday, but worth attaining nonetheless. Go Deacs.


Anonymous said...

Considering our disgraceful performance Saturday, our home winning streak won't be a concern after Monday night. And please don't insult the intelligence of your readers by saying "it's a Big East game, strange things happen.". This team has no business whatsoever losing to St. John's.

BlackandGreen said...

No insulting planned. That was a bad game.

Anonymous said...

Posted at 4:12; just read your well-written critique. FWIW, I'm in agreement. It seems to me that Brey operates on a different wavelength than some of the other coaches in the Big East (Dixon, Calhoun, Thompson, Pittino), in that defense is a non-consideration. There are plenty of teams in the league better known for their offense, but they can at least master the basics of defense. Then there are teams like Pitt, which raise it to another level. Brey's Notre Dame teams think of the defensive end as something that must be put up with in order to get the ball back. Not the secret to long-term success.