Thursday, March 01, 2007


A couple seeding things to mull over:
  • ND is a 9 seed on the Bracket Project, projecting anywhere between a 5 and a 12 in the individual brackets. That means there is a distinct possibility of the Irish playing... themselves in the first round.
  • 1 Seeds- UCLA, Ohio St., UNC, Florida
  • ND Opponents- Georgetown (2), Maryland (4), Marquette (6), Butler (6), Louisville (7), Villanova (9), Syracuse (10), West Virginia (12)
  • The Irish are 6-3 against those teams
  • Bubble Opponent- Alabama (7/30 brackets)
  • Other Big East- Pitt (3)

For those of you keeping track at home, that's 8 Big East teams.

Points Per Weighted Shot:

  • Russell Carter- 1.13
  • Colin Falls- 1.28
  • Rob Kurz- 1.26
  • Luke Harangody- 1.06
  • Tory Jackson- 1.00
  • Zach Hillesland- 1.18
  • Luke Zeller- 1.21
  • Ryan Ayers- 1.24

The equation is:

Total Points/(Field Goal Attempts+(0.475xFree Throw Attempts))

Basically, PPWS evaluates the quality of shot selection by a player and his ability to score when given the opportunity. Colin Falls and Rob Kurz are the best shooting starters on team. Russell Carter is hurt by his shot selection at times, while Harangody and Jackson fall far behind in pure scoring efficiency.

Top 5 Big East Scorers-

  • Demetrius Nichols- 1.19
  • Herbert Hill- 1.29
  • Curtis Sumpter- 1.15
  • Carter- 1.13
  • Eugene Harvey- 1.09

Only freshman Harvey has a worse PPWS than Carter in the top 5 scorers. Hill has one of the best scoring efficiency ratings, and puts the ball in the basket more than anyone else (210 FG). With both of those statistics and an 8.7 rebound average, Hill makes a strong case for conference player of the year.

Just something to chew on.


Bryan said...

It is too much to declare the Rutgers game "The defining point of the Mike Brey era?"

A win and the Irish have a solid seed and all the Brey-haters (including me) have to back off for at least another 2 years b/c Brey took an overachieving team to the tournament for first time in 3 years...

Lose and....well, same old Crap

BlackandGreen said...

Fair enough. It's not a "must-win" game by the normal definition, with ND having to fall really far at this point to drop off the bubble. However, no one expected this year's team to improve over last year's dismal record. Excellent job by Coach Brey so far. If we win this one, there is nothing to lose from here on in.